Deep State Presidents are globalists. Nixon, Reagan and Trump are American Presidents. Nixon was tricked by the Deep State. Reagan was shot in 1981 by the Deep State and was then controlled by the Deep State and forced to legislate their agenda hence the 1982 war on drugs. So Reagan was an American president who had been turned. Deep State Presidents collude together with the CIA and corporate controlled media to pull the wool over American citizens eyes, to change and realign Constitutional legislation to suit their globalist masters needs. American presidents are not given fair media coverage by the globalist cointrolled main stream media and the narrative of most every story has a negative spin based on Saul Alinsky tactics. American presidents give huge tax breaks to middle class and poor Americans. They also reduce regulations and encourage American investors to create jobs for Americans. Deep State Presidents promise big things to American voters but deliver for the globalists and the media covers up for the corrupt legislators and deep state president often blaming something else for deceptions perpetrated on American voters.