Fool University Professor Orbsed Rants a.k.a. "Thingster" lectures with pictures and type. All while playing it's favorite tunes in the background for learning ambiance. 

Professor Orbsed Rants med

Lecture Links:

Trump Fights FBI Swamp Rats  TrumpFightsFBI SwampRats StillFrame exsm
Mueller and Torquemada Two Pea Pods MuellerLovesTorquemada StillFrame01 exsm 
Psycho Joe the Great Baseball Player  Joe Scarborough Baseball StillFrame exsm
Obama is Shitler  ObamaShitsHitler StillFrame exsm

Professor Orbsed Rants a.k.a. "Thingster" is a Fool University professor who holds a PHDD (Power Hand Drawing Degree)  and lectures for Fool University by drawing on the walls of time. It specializes in politics. It's political artworks are for sale in the fooluniversity store. Professor Orbsed Rants a.k.a. "Thingster" is distantly related to "Thing" on the Addams family. Professor Orbsed Rants a.k.a. "Thingster" was given the nickname "Thingster" to keep the familiar moniker tradition of the Thing family. 

Would you like to see Professor Orbsed Rants a.k.a. "Thingster"lecture on something in particular or have a comment? Ask right here.

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