In 2012 Obama used $65,000 in taxpayer money for a hotdog party! Wikileaks reveals that Obama ordered $65,000 worth of hotdogs to be flown in from Chicago.


6 out of the 8 major Hollywood major moviemaking companies are owned by Chinese Communists. Dalian Wanda is the majority shareholder of AMC theatres. Dalian Wanda is also a source of Hollywood Trump Derangement Syndrome, Trump supporter hate and America hate.


It is okay if the left sells uranium to Putin. No big deal.

Obama works for globalists, not Americans, and has been busy trying to exploit America's resources and labor by making them accessible to foreign corporations without due process. This is evident when he was making promises to the U.N. about America's willingness to participate in the globalist plot, and said (Los Angeles Times, 2016) "make sure the benefits of such integration are broadly shared and that the disruptions — economic, political and cultural — that are caused by integration are squarely addressed.”  

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