Awards Statement

Fool University awards are for degenerates whose main purpose is to undermine America by participating in the deep state's project mockingbird program. The message is to repeat the same lie over and over until the popular opinion of America is controlled by their propaganda, lies and disinformation. These people work as business leaders, journalists, movie actors, legislators, police and educators. They hate Trump and Trump voters. Their goal is to dehuminize rather than to present a logical and legal political oppostion, they decided to participate in a campaign of demonization to overthrow Trump and belittle Trump supporters. Their tactics and techniques for doing so are devious. Look up Saul Alinsky. His philosophy is their guide. They implement the philosphy all the time.  Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky. Instead of considering all people equal who have natural rights they insist that the correct direction for America is identity politics and laws that restrict natural law of individuals. They use junk science. They cherry pick federal judges. They call their oppostion the worst names like racist, misogynist, xenophobist and homophobic only with intent to divide the country. Identity politics is the wedge they use. These anti Americans deserve the the Fool University Award for their zealous participation in their stupid quest for destruction, communism and hatred of America.

James Clapper
John Brennan
James Comey
Robert Mueller
Rod Rosenstein
Andrew MCabe
Peter Strzok
Lisa Page

Law enforcement who let Trump supporters get threatened and assaulted during Trump rallies and peaceful protests of Trump supporters. These law enforcement stand down and ignore the real criminals. In fact at Charlottesville they corralled opposing groups into each other.  Antifa, La Raza and Black Lives Matter are the real criminals during these protest conflicts and their violence is funded by globalist George Soros. These groups have committed many crimes against Americans during the 2016 and 2017 while enjoying freedom because of law enforcement who ignore spitting and physical assaults and even brandishing of firearms.



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