The defcon system of America was downgraded from defcon 3 to defcon 5 as a direct result of the outcome of the American 2016 election. The new president elect, Donald Trump's foreign policy is just simply more peaceful than Obama's foreign policy. The issues which created the Defcon 3 situations was because the Obama administration deep state had been busy with the task of warmongering in collusion with globalists on Russia's borders for years. The globalists goals has always been about money.

The globalists wish to extract resources and exploit labor for as little money as possible. Installing a central bank owned by them is a way to ensnare people and their respective countries with debt.  Countries that did not want to have a central bank owned by the globalists were targeted and branded as enemies. Their leaders were demonized in the American, globalist owned main stream media press. Regime change was deemed necessary in these countries and Obama (2017, Klimas, J.) authorized war without the approval of Congress on more than one occasion by executive order.


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