Fool University Professor Orbsed Rants a.k.a. "Remmy" lectures with pictures and type. All while playing it's favorite tunes in the background for optimal learning ambiance. 

Professor Orbsed Rants med

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 George Soros is Hitler's Bitch  GeorgeSorosHitlersBItch exsm
Trump Fights FBI Swamp Rats TrumpFightsFBI SwampRats StillFrame exsm
Mueller and Torquemada Two Pea Pods MuellerLovesTorquemada StillFrame01 exsm
Psycho Joe the Great Baseball Player Joe Scarborough Baseball StillFrame exsm
Obama is Shitler ObamaShitsHitler StillFrame exsm


Professor Orbsed Rants a.k.a. "Remmy" is a Fool University professor who holds a PHD (Power Hand Drawing) degree and lectures for Fool University by drawing on the walls of time and It specializes in politics. Professor Orbsed Rants was originally descended from the mystical hand race of prophetic mentors who aided ancient kings decisions by writing on the walls of their dreams with guiding wisdom during the course of their deepest stage of their sleep. Professor Orbsed Rants happens to be related to "Thing" on the Addams family. "Thing" is Professor Orbsed Rants great-great uncle. The tale of "Thing" is a sad one involving blsack magic and slavery. The late great "Thing" was captured from the rapid eye movement dream stages of a corrupted Addams family clan member by use of black magic and made to be a slave butler. Rather than use It's good magical powers derived from the benevolent creator of the universe Thing was made to use It's powers and do the bidding and hohum day to day chore work of the Addamses.

Rembrandt Belshazzars Feast Addams Family Thing
The Writing on the Wall by Rembrandt Remmy's Great-Great Uncle, Thing Adams



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