Globalists motives for Conning We the People.
Steal money. Reduce population. Reduce populations' ability to move, communicate and protect themselves.

There have been many cons made by 21st Century tech-savvy robber barrons, corrupt U.S. legislators, Chinese Communists, unelected Euro leaders, and devil worshipping Hollywood. For example Paris Climate Treaty and Trans Pacific Trade Agreement cons are among many cons perpetrated on the U.S. people.

Climate Change Con
There are many reasons why the Earth heats and cools. Sunshine, volcanos, solar flares and yes humans make less than 1% of the annual CO2 that has some slight effect on temps. Could someone please give my house plant some more CO2? It is hungry. Why don't leftist zombie turds not understand that volcanoes heat the ocean that melts icebergs while solar flares hitting the Earth's magnetosphere conjures up some wicked tsunamis that assualt coastal towns? Why does the leftist crowd believe it is reasonable to lock up climate change deniers for their opinions on this subject? The caldera in Yellowstone could blow any day. That is a super volcano to you leftist re-re. Why are you conned so much that you would "kill old white people" over climate change denial when a super volcano could wipe us all of out tomorrow? "Killed mom and dad last night because of needed purging of-old white people- and funny thing the super volcano is going off tomorrow so we are all going to die anyway. Gee it feels like a mistake to ended the parents lives that way". Why do leftist-itards want to "kill old white people" when they themselves are white? Conned about climate change that is why. Conned about climate change combined with a dark heart. Another thing saying "We must give up combustible engines" all the time while on average driving an up to date, brand spanking new, gas guzzling, monster SUV. Another thing. What about a real discussion about real pollution. Chemtrails are made of strontium, barrium and aluminum reports the government. Yep, crushed up heavy metals released in the atmosphere are used to control temperature for farming reasons supposedly is why chem-trails are crossing our spacious skies from sea to shining sea. All admitted by US governement.  Why did Harvard just admit that they are interested in a geo-engineering solution to cool the Earth? They want to use aerosol injection. Aerosol injection is a sciency way to say chem-trails. I thought chem-trails were a conspiracy theory. Enjoy heavy metal lung Earthlings compliments of the deep state.

Race Fight Con
Coming soon.

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