George Soros was born George Schwartz, a Hungarian Jew. His name was changed when he was around 13 to protect his Jewish identity from Hitler. His Jewish family was taken by the Nazis but George was spared because a family friend who happened to be a Hungarian national lied to the Nazis and said George Soros was his god son. The Nazis believed the ruse and thought Soros was a native Hungarian. George's god father collected the possessions of the arrested Jewish families after they were evicted from their homes. George Soros helped with this grim task and was found that he had a talent to infiltrate the underground of Jews who were still hiding out and turn them in to the Nazi authoritarians. He was particularly good at this because of his Jewish heritage and knowledge of his culture.  It could be surmised that Soros had acquired Stockholm syndrome from the trauma that befell his loved ones. After the war Soros became well educated and a financier. Soros wanted to continue Hitler's chaos and befriended the financiers of WW2. Some of these financiers were Jewish but also very evil. In essence they were not really Jewish at all. Judaism is  peaceful religion that benefits mankind. The people that finance both sides of a war are demonic. They are not Jewish or Christian or any other peaceful world religion. The people George Soros wanted to become acquainted with financed both sides of WW2. George wanted to be part of this "In Crowd".  So much for Stockholm syndrome. George Soros continued Hitler's chaos by crashing countries economies where he earned billions. Millions of people were displaced and died as a a result of his corrupt insider trading and currency manipulation. George uses the same tactics used for centuries to divide people by evil rulers and dictators. Hatred. Soros funds hate groups to create instability in countries then shorts their currency and crashed their economies, making him rich. Soros has failed to do this in America so far because of the results of the 2016 election results. The wrong candidate won. George Soros invested in Black Lives Matter, La Raza, 50 groups  associated with the Women's March and Antifa. George Soros thinks he is the messiah, the kind of messiah that enjoys when millions die in pain and suffering.

Music credits: Cover song of Black Sabbath's "Children of the Grave" by White Zombie

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